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About Us

Customer Support International (CSI), based in Iselin, New Jersey is a business process outsource (BPO) firm providing website development, website design, customer service, support and management, IT and Technical Support.

Since July 2005, CSI has provided innovative solutions to its clients from different market and have delivered numerous websites. Known around the IT Industry as a customer and service oriented company, we continuously develop the most comprehensive collection of IT solutions.

Dedicated to client overhaul, CSI is focused on building long-standing relationship with our clients. We blend innovation and hard work to deal proficiently and skillfully with both the artistic and technical side of your needs. CSI as a company that provides total solutions, stands to its principle that our work is not done until we deliver and execute it perfectly.

Our duty is to bring

Customer Satisfaction

CSI believes that in keeping our clients, we have to give them total satisfaction, which is absolutely deserved by them. We make sure that we carefully and perfectly made and met every inch of their requirements and needs.


CSI has the passion to provide irresistible style and originality in its every project. We let our client experience the unique CSI style. We make sure that each style that we have, underwent extensive process of creation and will surely meet our client’s artistic mind set.


Quality is what CSI stands for. We valued the trust that our customer had given to us, therefore we vowed to give them only the best, and that is giving them qualitative services.


Providing our clients innovative solutions is equally giving them power to influence and attract a lot of customer. With their innovative service they automatically have strong marketing aspect intended for their customer.


CSI knows the fact that every business aims to be profitable in order for them to be totally successful. This is the prime reason why CSI provides state of the art equipment and professionals endowed with expertise when it comes to web development, web design, customer service, support and management, IT and technical support. Through our expertise and services we help our clients to increase their profits.