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If you’re looking for innovation, results and technology expertise for your business, CSI is eager to have you as our partner. Let us go hand in hand in giving the world the best and unique service in a specialized and delightful way.

To make our partnership possible CSI come up with the following divisions:

CSI Web is your web hosting, web development and multimedia Company.

We support the world is your global link in business solutions.

Telephonepal is a global human resource company that provides clients with practical tools and framework. We do customer service and support, technical support, billing and HR Services, sales either inbound or outbound customer management or other business processes.


CSI offers the following Types of Partnership just for you.

Alliance Partnership

Under this partnership, CSI and you will be working together to put up strong and equally valuable business relationship. Under this partnership we will be working collaboratively to attain one specific project.


Agreeing with this type of partnership, will make Resellers act as "middle men" by extending their revenues to reach higher-tier Web hosts who benefit the most because they essentially mass target their products and services in niche markets. The reseller can then mark-up the cost of these products and services to make a considerable profit. 

Outsource Partnership

With this partnership, CSI will do the work for you under your company’s name. Rest assured that even though CSI will develop and provides business solutions/projects under your company’s trademark, we will still execute innovation and perfect functionality to all our projects to secure your company’s reputation to all your clients.

Partner’s Benefits

Being a CSI Partner, you’ll be receiving extensive benefits that will surely boost your business stability. CSI believes that establishing partnership with other companies will obtain our mission of bringing innovation and quality to our clients all over the world. We want to welcome companies with the same passion to be part of the CSI family.

What we can offer:

Total Solutions – We don’t offer just pieces of solution, what we provide is a total solution for you, from simple to complicated. We provide what you need in a very professional and innovative way.

Cost Effective Services – Because we want to cater every business needs, we offer affordable fee to all our business solutions. We want to make sure that we can be on serve to small to mid-size businesses.

Hands on marketing strategies – We provide marketing activities to further promote you company businesses and your company itself. We also provide customized marketing materials as part of our marketing activities.

Industry Specific Solutions – Name what you need and we will present it to you right away. CSI is flexible in giving specific solution for whatever industry you are in, from health to technology generated industries.

Customer Friendly Solutions – We provide solutions that would be friendly and easy to use by the user. We provide online tutorials on how to use the solution or the services.

Open Communication – Because we believe that the success of any business and partnership depends on a good communication, CSI see to it that our sources of communication are always open to you. With this you can easily relay all your problems, suggestions and comments to us for the betterment of our projects results and business relationship.


Partner’s Requirements

CSI is excited to establish partnership with your company. To take part in our Partnership Program, your company must meet the minimum requirements listed below at the time of enrollment and moving forward.

Your company must:

  • Be a legally registered business
  • Have a good credit standing
  • Be experienced in one of our targeted industries
  • Have outbound sales programs in place
  • Have installation and support resources in place for CSI Solutions software
  • Be "authorized" to sell and support the CSI Solutions software products
  • Maintain a good standing with CSI Solutions in all manners of our business relationship

To find out if your business qualifies, please fill out our Partnership Application and a CSI Solutions representative will contact you promptly.